Bules and Indonesians speak up — care to comment on Singapore or Indonesian doctors?

Ini komen-komen yg berikut artikel ini dari Jakarta Globe(JG)  bulan lalu mengenai saingan antara dokter Singapore dan dokter Indonesia.Kalau ingin komen ttng dokter RI cari aja “Reply” dibawa post ini atau klik disini untuk komen kpd artikel JG.
These are some of the reader comments accompanying a recent article in the Jakarta Globe about competition between Indonesian and Singapore doctors. You can register your own opinion on the matter  by clicking “Reply” below.
11:02am Apr 19, 2012

I would rather go Singapore for treatment of more serious medical problems too. It’s not about the quality of service as well as doctors. The law here does not protect against malpractice, look at Prita. Of course, the level of trust I have for local doctors is low too.


10:36am Apr 19, 2012

Indonesian doctors are not supposed to be threatened with competition. As intellectuals, they should understand that in order to compete is to increase and uphold quality.

Indonesian medical doctors education system has reduced into a doctor making industry with questionable competence as proven by their products at the 24 hours clinics scattering the Capitol. Since medical education can only be access by those who can afford it, Indonesia is losing their best minds and good heart doctors, and replaced by un-emphatic rich brat with arse-attitude.

Based on my experience, I would rather go abroad to seek medication rather have it here with uncertainty linger. The cost would almost be the same anyway.

10:30am Apr 19, 2012

It’s good for patients for local doctors to have competition. A friend is an Indonesian doctor based in SG and he has a stream of Indonesian patients that come to SG after enduring bad treatment from Indonesian doctors, from bad diagnosis to malpractice. With competition the local doctors will be forced to improve their service and performance. Why would people pay more to go to SG if local alternative is as good?

11:44am Apr 19, 2012

The problem isn’t just the doctors in Indonesia. I think we do have some really good doctors, but they’re not supported with an excellent healthcare team. Secondly, I think everyone would agree to the fact that most doctors just have really. huge. egos. They don’t like to be questioned, and they don’t think the patients are knowledgable enough to be explained to. In short, Indonesian doctors often treat us like we’re a bunch of idiots who “wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you”. Yes, we DO need to know what’s happening to our body, our loved ones. And we’re not THAT dumb! I’m not saying such arrogant doctors don’t exist in Singapore, they do too, but at least more doctors there are willing to explain and talk to us like we’re more intelligent human beings. I don’t think Indonesians flock to Singapore hospitals unless they have a good reason to. It IS far more expensive and bothersome. Yet they do it anyway. Time for Indonesian healthcare to look in the mirror and ask: WHY?

10:17am Apr 19, 2012

I wonder why so many Indonesians chose to fly to Penang or Singapore rather than just drive a few miles to nearest hospital.

Because… Nah, don’t want to make myself a subject of lawsuit for stating the fact.