Pak Fadil @ Fatmawati

Great name for a blog, huh? Pak Fadil has been an in patient at 3 hospitals over recent weeks — RS Cipto, RS Fatmawati and RS Pertamina. So, if I weren’t so busy at the hospital, I’d be able to provide some helpful comparative and other information.

We like Fatmawati because it’s out in the suburbs and there’s more space. RS Cipto was built on a pretty bend of the Ciliwung River 100 years ago but it’s nearly an inner city environment now, or at least very crowded. People like RS Pertamina because of the reputation. Pertamina is the state oil and gas company. So it’s a reputable hospital. Also located not far where Pak. Fadil lives in Gandaria, South Jakarta. But the conventional wisdom is that it’s expensive. In theory can you use your SKTM, Jamkesmas, ASKES or other Indonesian government-sponsored healthcare plan? Yes. But in practice, no. If you know why that is, please comment below.

So Pak Fadil was in the hospital for over a week and ended up paying Rp 10 million. Whereas you might have ended up paying Rp 2 million at Cipto or Fatmawati. Yes, the care is better. Yes, there are fewer people to a room.

But most of all, Pak. Fadil is a bit traumatized by Cipto. I think it feels to him a bit like a prison or military environment. It’s like the patient is wrong, not just sick. There are plenty of exceptions and plenty of good people. But there is this weird burden of proof and it’s on you.

I’m headed out to Fatmawati with a couple of folks who want to visit Pak Fadil.