Pak Fadil Gets Cleared for Brachytherapy

As part of a long, difficult, frustrating process Pak. Fadil has gotten in-principle clearance for this sometimes-successful alternative to “distance” radiation treatment and whose name refers to delivering the radioactive payload up to the very site of the tumor through some mechanical device.

So now we’re pushing through the tests and the paperwork with Mona assisting the patient (the doctors really) most days at the RS Cipto and Sema is often there as well. It takes a half day’s wait to see a doc. And if you want to act on the slip of paper you’ve received at the outcome of the visit, that’s another half day. But sometimes you can’t quite fit two medical errands into the same day. So you’re stuck coming to the hospital daily on an outpatient basis. If you don’t show up, you’ll find your case slips toward the bottom of the stack and there’s a lot of inertia involved to get re-started.

But that’s where we are. Restarted. No real breakthroughs in terms of how anyone is dealing with this. The patient has a hard time coping when there’s pain, the docs are only beginning to see this new operation come into focus (and we still need clearance from a lot of different people since it’s complicated on its own terms and by patient’s pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes and hard trouble).

But when grandpa’s not in pain he seems to enjoy himself and we certainly enjoy hanging out. There are no signs the cancer is spreading. But the tumor (located at the back of the tongue is over 4 cm at the widest part and obviously very difficult to remove.

That’s why they’ll try to spike it with needles and deliver the energy to it that way.