Kate Brown Speaks Talks About Oral Cancer

Tongue cancer survivor Kate Brown speaks in an interview speaks about recovering from a glossectomy and recovering from oral cancer. (Lida dia di ambil karena kankernya sudah besar. Walapun begitu, dia sudah bisa bicara agar orang bisa mengerti dia kalau cukup sabar.  Umurnya 32 (perempuan) dan tidak pernah rokok).

The San Francisco resident has been working as a health advocate for the Oral Cancer Foundation since recovering from her frightening operations last year.

She mentions the Foundation and points out something about oral cancer that we’ve also seen — how it affects such an important but difficult part of the body. The oral cavity is really something of a bottleneck.

(OCF) was a lifesaver for me when I was first diagnosed and went through treatment. I was so scared. Any kind of life-threatening illness is of course terrifying, but this specific type of cancer affects so many aspects of everyday life. We all take eating and speaking for granted until they’re compromised.”

Unlike many people who have had a glossectomy Kate — age 32 — can make herself understood. This requires work on her part and the patience of listeners. But it’s a good result for having lost her tongue. The result depends on the procedure, including the flap of skin the doctors sow in place to cover the hole created by the removal of the tongue.