Update: Pak Fadil is feeling the effects of the…

Pak Fadil is feeling the effects of the radiation. The equipment is aimed to concentrate as much of the energy as possible at the point of the tumor (tongue) with as little as possible hitting other tissues. But those tissues include some sensitive ones in the mouth and neck area. So it’s common to a lot of sores. And the teeth take a big hit. This can interfere with radiation treatment, which was the case today.

But the patient now has a hostel near the hospital, and a nice one. We’ll go with him to Cipto tomorrow to talk to doctors. I’d like to know why he doesn’t have any painkiller stronger than Ultram yet.

Pak Fadil baru kena efek dari sinar: luka2 di mulut. Hari ini dia tidak bisa ikut jadwal sinar. Besok kita ke Cipto lagi. Belum di kasih obat anti-nyeri. Tapi, dia sudah ada kost bagus dekat Cipto.