Update & heartfelt appreciation for your help (raised over USD 500)

In the last week we have received the rupiah equivalent of Rp 5,220,000 (five million two hundred twenty thousand Indonesian rupiah) as well as a lovely recliner. We are extremely grateful. Thank you!

It was touch and go week with some paperwork hassles that forced Mona to contact legal aid but ultimately worked themselves out. One bright spot was the arrival at the house of the recliner/rocker.

Pak Fadil has completed his 10th radio/chemo round and is beginning to get some nausea. He says he’s lost his sense of taste.

Fadil has oral cancer and has been ordered to have 35 sessions which involve chemo and/or radiation treatment. So the’s nearly a third of the way there. We’re expecting that he’ll need a lot of more attention as the side-effects begin to accumulate.

On Friday he had to wait from about 8:00 am until around 6:00, because one of the machines wasn’t working. He took a bus to the hospital and came home in a taxi, around 8:00. We don’t expect he’ll be strong enough to keep up that kind of routine, so we’re looking for a place for him to stay that’s closer to the hospital. That’s what the doctors suggested. 


Epatient Pak Fadil

Once the only piece of furniture in the house, this telephone seat has a friend











SKTM Patient

Chair, answer to prayer