Update: Jamu (hopefully) cures cancer / looking for kost near RSCM

Pak Fadil was in good spirits this evening. He said he’d been able to eat. Goats milk and herbals from Madura brought back his appetite. Ironically, after so many years of hearing the nonsense gospel of pills-cure-colds, Indonesians are forgetting how to make jamu — the herbal remedies used here since time immemorial. But when you have cancer it seems like every doctor’s  a hippie — have some broccoli juice, grapes are good, have you thought about mangosteens and Soursops?

Before the biospy we provided the ‘Pak with plenty of buah merah (Pandanus Conoideus) capsules and dried mahkota dewa AKA madewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) for tea. I hope he’s continued to take it. The research is promising, as far as I know.

Mona was upbeat evening. “That’s it. We’re done. All already. Chemo and radiation to start next week, the the Buddhists are going to take care of everything.”

In the face of truly challenging health problems that her family has — for some reason — had to face over the last few years,she has always been shockingly optimistic — and practical. He thinking seems to be, if I can’t actually cure the disease, then let me focus on finances and logistics. For months — years actually — she ha been tirelessly waits in line and networking with the hospital staff so that her family members will be there with all the paperwork in place when their name is called.

Anyway, we’re looking for a kost near RSCM now. The mes (a hostel type arrangement) is inexpensive enough, but we’re afraid that there might diseases and even bad vibes circulating there.