Cancer information in Indonesia ||| Informasi kanker Indonesia

||||Tidak ada banyak informasi kanker di Internet, tapi silakan ke Ayo Mari blog  duluh. Bagus sekali blognya dan banyak link juga.||||

There’s not much information on cancer in English or Indonesian.

The Ayo Mari blog is a good place to start. Like Get Well Soon, it has a bizarre mix of Indonesian and English. Yea!!

The blogger, , is a Stage 4 breast cancer patient who manages an immaculate blog.

There is a wealth of information, including in Indonesian, about cancer drugs, radiotherapy, and chemo.

In addition here is a breast cancer support group, an Indonesia-based cancer information and support center (the “Cancer Club” ) and a page on Facebook about cancer in Indonesia.

If you need strictly English information, I see a newly-started cancer info thread at Living in Indonesia Forum where you could ask for it.

Finally, here’s the Indonesian Cancer Foundation link. You can translate the webpage automatically, although I can’t guarantee the results.