Anak Mona hilang, dia lapor kpd wartawan habis polisi malas

MNC TV telah setujuh membantu kami mencari anak Mona. Jika anak anda hilang dan tidak ada siapa saja yang bisa bantu,  coba aja humbungi MNC TV.

Kalau anak anda sakit, anda dapat mengkirim surat pemohon kepada RCTI TV.


A 5-person team from  MNC TV did a good job interviewing Ana’s family and neighbors this afternoon. If Niken  isn’t found, the report will air on Monday.

Mona ran into the TV crew at RS Cipto. Another  place you can look for a TV crew — if you need one — is the police station.

It was a little more difficult connecting with TV One and  SCTV. They didn’t show immediate interest;  however, SCTV allows you to provide data about missing persons which will be broadcast as text. Simply visit the SCTV offices located at the Senayan City mall and provide the information.

People who are desperately seeking medical care for family members also contact the Indonesian TV networks.  Public TV network Indosiar’s  Peduli Kasih operation and RCTI’s Jalinan Kasih program have provided substantial ongoing assistance to children and others who need operations. RCTI paid for at least one operation for at least one operation for 3-year old Soleha who suffers from hydrocephalus.

You can find patient and hospital records for tens of thousands of Indosiar  patients at the link above.  Indosiar also provides a limited amount of public health information in Indonesian, which is otherwise hard to find.

RCTV’s philanthropy program is know as  Pundi Amal SCTV .