Update: we're at RS Cipto this morning Pak Fadil…

We’re at RS Cipto this morning. Pak Fadil — as feared — has oral cancer. Mona, as usual, is positive.

‘We’ll have to operate,’ she reported by SMS before rushing home to pick up left-behind CT scans.

This will surely be another full day for her at the hospital. Traffic yesterday was worse than usual. If your timing is wrong it takes hours to move from one part of
*South* Jakarta to another.

We were prepared for the biopsy results but didn’t imagine they would come amidst such a difficult time for the Pak Fadil’s family. Ana ran away with her extremely violent and mentally ill ex-boyfriend a week ago. She’s only 15 and hasn’t completed her tests to graduate from junior high. She’s an excellent student.

No one I have talked to understands. We spent all Sunday evening posting ‘missing’ posters in the areas where Okky Syaifudin, age 17 and wanted by the police in connection with Ana’s alleged kidnapping in January. We located a house where the two had been the night before but the trail went cold.

Truly complicating things — in terms of Mona’s energy and other resources because no one doubts her willpower — her oldest daughter had a bad motor rcyle wreck over a week ago. She’s extremely lucky — as they say — and already out of the RS. (Any luckier and she wouldn’t have gotten on a bike with a friend who can’t drive them.)

Mona is back. Amazing. Fastest trans-Jakarta round trip in recent memory.