Update: biopsy lined up means progress at RS…

[Editors note: This is really one of the most worrisome posts on this legitimately worrisome blog. Why after months of standing in all the right lines at RS Fatmawati did we fail to get a biopsy for a patient who had een told by several doctors — including one at RS Fatmawati — that he very likely had a malignant tumor at the back of his tongue (much harder to treat than the front)? ]

Many hours of waiting but great doctors, all the machines. It’s all lined up. Just need a date.

They ran the camera all around and it’s just the left, rear part of the tongue, no sign of bad tissue elsewhere. We’re thankful for that.

Pak Fadil’s brother was at RS today. He lives in Madura and doesn’t speak Indonesian. He came to Jakarta to help out.

We’ll be back at Cipto tomorrow.