Pak Fadil released from hospital — thanks for your support!

Mixed news — Pak Fadil has been released from RS Fatmawati and is resting at home. We assume his heart and blood sugar have stabilized. He still has a tumor on his tongue which two doctors say appears to be malignant. But the treating doctor is still out of town. So no one seems to know what happens next. (How about a  biopsy?) He’s looking forward to resting at home until more.

Everybody knows you don’t leave the hospital until you’ve paid the bill. So how much does an “deluxe” room with AC and a view of the golf course cost at RS Fatmawati. About what you’d pay for a new model Ipod (8 gigs, sorry). This figure includes the transportation and food for family members traveling back and forth between Gandaria (home) and Cilandak (where hospital is located.