Update: We had received the name of a doctor…

We had received the name of a doctor at MMC hospital from Frank. That doctor referred us to a friendly doctor at RS Proklamasi, which does ear-nose-throat exclusively. And this doctor can provide treatment at Cipto (where JAMKESMAS insurance) would apply.

But it’s far from where Pak Padil, the patient lives. Although not far from my house. Also it would require re-initiating the JAMEKESMAS paperwork and/or converting to the new hospital. We’re also wondering what the reaction of our “friends” at Fatmawati will be when we go back there the next time.

Overall, I think yesterday was really good. This is actually the second time I’ve had a doctor at a name-brand hospital offer to see a family member at Cipto. So the system works and has some flexibility.

This is the context of the treating doctor at Fatmawati being overseas untiil the end of the month; having taken off for seminars without doing the biopsy we expected would follow shortly after he sternly warned us not to slack off on this tongue tumor or Pak Fadil would lose his tongue to cancer.