ICU at Cipto is full this month . . . so please don’t get sick unless you’ve got money for private hospital

[Editor’s Note: Why didn’t you come here sooner, said the doctors when we finally took Pak Fadil to RS Dharmais (stage 4 oral cancer by that time)? I wonder what would have happened. It’s a catch-22 really. If you’re not ill enough they won’t let you in. If you’re too ill, it’s too late. ]

Mona at RS Citpo

While state health insurance is applicable at a long list of hosptials, poor patients usually try RS Cipto and RS Fatmawati first

Mona has a talent for walking up to people and talking. That saved Fahri’s life. She’s chatting with other people here at the brand new emergency facility at Cipto. strangers. In each case they are seeking to get patients into Cipto because the previous hospital — or likey the RS where patient is at now — doesn’t have the required facilities avail.

We have a preliminary OK. Another woman is turned away. She’ll go back to RS Carolus. We’re following an orderly to the special facility for heart patients. Apparently we have a ticket to get in. The papers we brought from Fatmawati would have helped. We got those by asking. That’s how it always works. It’s an Indonesian behaviour between pushiness and mere persistence. It always works, as long as peiple like you. Because people matter more than rules. Just go up and start talking. It’s 3:30 AM.

We get turned away at Cipto. What part of “full” don’t you understand. You’re free to telephone. Why don’t you call us tomorrow?

There’s a saying in Indonesia, “Poor people aren’t allowed to get sick.” I think it’s probably best to proceed as if that’s true.