Update: It's 4:30 western Indonesia time admissions Doesn't sound…

[Editor’s Note: Only two relevant hospitals? How did we miss RS Dharmais, the national cancer center that “always has plenty of beds” for those using state-backed insurance like SKTM, Jamkesmas, etc? Why didn’t anyone point this out to us. ]

it’s 4:30 western Indonesia time. admissions. Doesn’t sound easy and it isn’t. This is strike 3. yes we take JAMKESMAS and GASKIN and cash. but, hun, we rarely have a bed. Would you believe it. No one can spare their expensive heart equipment for

Family members of poor patients sleep on the sidewalk beneath a satellite dish outside the new, high-tech emergency center at Cipto Hospital in Central Jakarta

Pak Fadil tonight. We’re discussing non public hospitals. RS Pelni, RS Pertamina. RS Omni. That was the one that sued the wo,man who complained online. A well known recent libel case. so that’s a bit scary. you’re on the hook for these amounts way beyond one’s abiliity to pay — my friend got a bill for 15 mil (USD 1500) after a week simply waiting around in a private hospital (as a patient).

No good options here because the only two hospitals that make sense are 1) Fatmawati where the patient is presently and where his glossectomy has been approved with his treating doc (who’s overseas somewhere till end of month) 2) Cipto, Fatmawati’s big sister with some of newest best machines in the country where our preferred doc, a specialist in oral cancer has agreed to treat patient.

But for this treatment to go ahead, patient’s heart condition needs to be determined/stabilized.