Cipto or Fatmawati: Hospy shopping & Indonesian health literacy

A child at Fatmawati state hospital in South Jakarta

Soleha, age 3, recovers following her fourth operation at RS Fatmawati

These are the names of two large state or government hospitals in Jakarta. Fatmawati is in far south Jakarta and Cipto, located next to the University of Indonesia medical school is in Central Jakarta.

Low-income Indonesians in Jakarta who qualify for the national health care insurance program (JAMKESMAS) often decide between these two hospitals depending on where they live. However,  since Citpo is larger and has equipment not readily available elsewhere in Jakarta, poor Indonesians seeking medical care in Jakarta who live outside Jakarta would go directly to Cipto.

The full name of Cipto hosptial (also known by its initials RSCM) is Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusomo. It is housed in a large number of buildings on a small campus which includes the University of Indonesia medical school. The medical center dates to Dutch times (1919) and was originally the Centrale Burgelijke Ziekenhuis.

Fatmawati , is known as RSUP Fatmawati and has had played an increasingly important role in the government’s involvement in health in Indonesia. It was founded in 1954 by Fatmwati Sukarno, the third wife of the first president of Indonesia (who was married to several women before and after Fatmawti).

The Indonesian work for hospital is rumah sakit, which means “sick house.”

RS Cipto 1938

Three babies and their nurses get some sun at present Cipto Hospital (1938)