A lengthy discussion over rice porridge breakfast among…

A lengthy discussion over rice porridge breakfast among Pak Fadil’s family resolves that, given the obvious shortage of beds at target hospitals and the number of health issues, we’re lucky he’s in bed at Fatmawati. In fact, we understand they’re going to move him out of ICU into a normal room. We’ll wait for his heart to stabilize and maybe they can get his blood sugar from bouncing around as it has been.

But we’ll be prepared to ask — why — if they offer to release him. –Why would he be *waiting at home* for the doctor who warned him he needed to go ahead as ASAP with the glossectomy to come back from overseas at the end of the month. Waiting for a scheduled biopsy or the tongue operation is one thing. But we don’t have a date. And in our experience even when you do have a date you can get bumped and have to wait a month, as happened to Muslim last month. While he’s waiting he would have access to oxygen, machines, meds, schedules etc. Mona’s on her own. We’re going home. Pak Fadil is relaxed and looking good. He doesn’t want to go home either,